How to buy tickets for Boca or River: Superliga Argentina matches 【2018】

Is not easy to buy tickets for the games that Boca or River play at home. La Bombonera, a temple of international soccer, has no place even for Boca's partners. And El Monumental, the stadium where Argentina was champion of the world in 1978, is usually full in the most important matches. Boca has a place for members and associates-adherents (who expect availability), while River only sells members and members of Somos River. How to buy tickets for Boca or River as a tourist? We tell it.

  • Be a member with residence outside the country
  • Register in Somos River (River allows it)
  • Buy tickets at a qualified travel agency

What is Somos River?

Somos River is a community that created Club Atlético River Plate to get close to its fans, partners and non-members, Argentines and from all over the world, giving them the possibility to connect with River directly.

How do I sign up?
You must enter the page, register entering personal data.

Who can participate?
All those people, partners or non-members, who have DNI can participate. In the case that they are foreigners or Argentine residents abroad they will have to have a valid document of the country of residence.

Can a minor be part of the community?
Yes, a minor can register and be part of Somos River, as long as it is done with the consent of a responsible person, who must enter their data in the registration process confirming that they are responsible for that minor.

Does it have a cost?
Club members who are up to date with their quota, can register at Somos River for free. For non-members it has a monthly cost of $ 180

What are the payment options?
To be part of Somos River you can pay by credit card. Soon more means of payment will be incorporated that will be timely communicated through the website

Is being a participant of Somos River the same as being a member of the Club?
No, it's not the same. The Somos River community emerged as a way to unite all the biggest fans around the world.

Can I buy tickets to watch River games?
In case there are remaining tickets, the participants of the community Somos River will be able to access an exclusive presale for the matches in which River plays at home.
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