TNT Sports Argentina: live stream free or something?

Streaming Football Argentina: Superliga online in live stream

Turner (the group that owns TNT) is one of the owners of TV rights in Argentine soccer. And just like Fox Sports has a platform to watch the Superliga Argentina games by online streaming. Streaming that seems free, but it is not: in Argentina you need to hire the Football Pack (it is a pack that is contracted with the cable operator) and outside of Argentina, it does not work!

How to watch the streaming of TNT Sports?

So there is a solution for those living in the United States, Europe, Asia or Oceania: Argentine football is broadcast outside of Argentina exclusively via streaming by Fanatiz, live and in HD.

If you are one of those football fans who spend hours looking to see the games from abroad, the solution is Fanatiz since it broadcasts all games legally, live and on demand, in HD and is available on multiple devices: iOS and Android, web, and Smart TVs Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV with a monthly cost of US $ 9.99 per month, plus a daily pass that allows you 24 hours of access for US $ 4.99.

đŸ’„How to contract the Fanatiz streaming service? You can enter and hire the pack you prefer to watch Argentine football. Warning: you have to check the geographical availability of the streaming.
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